Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unprovoked attack on Newbury furniture shop

Unprovoked attack on Newbury furniture shopAN unprovoked attack on a Newbury city furniture resulted damage cost thousands of pounds to repair. Michael Beatty, the owner of the Octopus, Bartholomew Street, contacted Newbury weekly news after he a man walking by yelling at his shop and swearing at about 5 pm last Thursday, before stopping to his memory window kick experienced. The Act of vandalism were damaged also showcase, including a 1940s years China tea set, who had been in an impeccable State. Mr. Beatty is now appealing for members of the public to submit the attack on information can have experienced.

He added that while the shop within reach of a CCTV camera, he does not believe it had caught on tape. A West Berkshire Council spokesman Phil spray, said: "of course the cameras are all the time for surveillance purposes move and so there is no guarantee that this incident was conquered.""We ask the police to see the tapes if is to check the damage."[[Mr. Beatty said that the valuable tea set which was shattered on impact gave a few as a wedding gift in 1947, and he bought you.]]>


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