Thursday, December 30, 2010

Always Christmas in the kitchen

How many Australians prepare a traditional Western Christmas lunch, Nicole Precel sit below speaks with three families from different cultures over as you celebrate. TAIWAN GLORIA Lai-Harington's-Christmas tree is up and decorated but there is a special dinner, instead of lunch for your family. The resident, 36, Antwerp from Taiwan and said while Turkey it was popular, your family would eat traditional Taiwanese fare.

"I Cook very often Western food, I mostly to cook curry, mashed potatoes or something homemade style," she said. Mrs Lai Harington has four children, born all in December. She said Taiwan, many people had a hot pot or went out for dinner.   > YOUR SAY: how your family celebrate Christmas? [[Tell us by posting a comment below, it would be decorations everywhere and celebrate with Christians and non-Christians.]]>


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