Thursday, December 30, 2010

Homeowner catches intruder in the living room

When left Roger Lagowski Jr. of his house of to get some lunch on Wednesday afternoon, he little knew he would return home to find a foreign standing in his living room. Belmont County sheriff's officers from the Bellaire and Bridgeport police departments in responding to the scene of the apparent decline in 55641 high Ridge Road, outside Bellaire joined members.

The male suspect - also a woman who accompanied him to the House - interview imprisoned sheriff's Sgt. Tom DeVaul and Deputy Aubri Fulst during the investigation. Lagowski said the man actually the home of a basement window to break, while the woman in the car stayed entered. "I came home and found here – the guy was in my living room," said Lagowski. "[I told him I had a gun and called 911]]">


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