Friday, September 24, 2010

Time trapped in your living room

Einstein tells us that the time to experience you between two events depends on the path to take you through the universe. In particular it can determine the curvature of spacetime along the trajectory. Level a quick-and-dirty: Watches in a strong gravitational field tick slower than those far away from any gravity. (At the event horizon of a black hole you ever would apply.)Time Dilation in Your Living Room

Or not so far away: James Chin wen Chou and colleagues NIST the difference in watches, the 33 inches of height measured from each other. That's a foot for you Americans. (See NPR, science news, press release.) (And since this is a blog instead of old media, I'll also link to the research paper in science.)As predicted the increased clock is ticking faster by a factor of (1 + 4 × 10-17) .If stand on a Chair, you will move into the future that much faster.



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