Friday, September 24, 2010

From the net to living room: 4 methods to stream content

From the Net to the Living Room: 4 Methods to Stream ContentOur computer family reunification become filled media hub, with music, photos and videos, from the latest Hollywood hits until last week.  While large computer monitors are relatively inexpensive, is a large TV usually a preferred way to consume this content.  The computer is connecting over a wired connection like HDMI but often too far from the family TV.  Here a few solutions are for your media from your computer to your television set. Windows Media Player TV are increasingly with Ethernet ports, allowing you to connect your home network with.  If you have such a TV, you can stream media from a computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7 then easily, with the built-in Windows Media Player.  You just open Windows Media Player and select the folders that contain your pictures, music and videos.  Your TV detects Windows Media Player and select and play your content over the network to enable.  One downside of Windows Media Player is that it has often difficulties, playback of video files that are encoded in codecs except Windows Media Video (WMV).  [[Therefore it can often play AVI or MP4 files, in particular, if the DivX codec was used.]]>


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