Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living room wars

The television and film business to his list of industries to UPD has added Apple CEO Steve jobs, but it is not yet clear whether Apple TV to do it will be the product. Last week unveiled jobs a new version of the Apple TV device that is smaller, cheaper and allows to rent the ability users and stream some iTunes and Netflix to your TV.Living room wars

It is Apple's third attempt the iron grip, the cables and broadcasters crack on living room, although jobs has to slow down sales of previous models of Apple TV as a mere "Hobby" for iPod and iPhone manufacturer. This is the rival enter the fray no longer the case, now. Online retailer Amazon said last week that it cut its prices would streaming TV shows on 99 cents.Google, would still early days, but consumers now has a TV service that is rolling out this fall geplant.Es be wise stay tuned.



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