Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shrinking of a long, narrow living room

Shrinking a long narrow living roomInterior design / with Pocyline Karan with landlord that is getting greedier from day to day, it no longer shocking to find oddly shaped living room with one. Probably can fight to natural light or even the space much desired add to maximize, one with a living room end, hard to due to its shape to decorate.

Take an example of long and narrow living room, the tenants to endure and strong for numbers. In fact, it is true that a long narrow living room a challenge, can if decorate. Here are a few design tips that you should look to change your bowling as a living room. First of all think of the room in areas rather than as a whole.If you do, are you able to a focus on a side wall and not on an end wall to identifizieren.Wenn focus on each end wall, it had time then it is you, because it serves, the room looking for longer.

[[Central could everything from a fireplace, a flat screen to image Fenster.Dann, in this case to paint this room, a beautiful warm, cream, but give a rich warm accent colour that ultimately run see the track lights on the ceiling wird.Wir behind your couch the long wall and these are great for light, that color and it in the room bouncing.]]>


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