Friday, October 22, 2010

Living room concert

Living Room ConcertYes, that is to play a picture of Annie Stela in my living room. I am still at a loss for words at as I go to explain what went on Saturday evening. Let me try.

Although I have listened to Stela's music for a little more than a year, one could say their songs meant having world for me - have to agree the soundtrack of the most difficult moments I had during the last 14 or so faced. So, if you play the call asking to living room in the United States put this fall, I simply you said: "Yes, please come play my in my house." And showed up. It was really easy.Of course, was I a bit nervous in the days before the show. My House was a bit of a mixed dog hair on the ground up.[[And I started freak, kind of think that nobody would zeigen.Aber, my friends came in a big way, and I thank you for doing so.]]>


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