Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is the living room Apple's next target, AirPlay?

Over the years we have seen Apple trying to make their way into the living room. The most obvious attempt will take off Apple TV not quite as smoothly as the company had hoped. Of course called it a hobby, makes it seem like set-top box is not a priority for the company, but it's hard to say that now with a relaunch of the hardware. It is obvious that Apple living room will also enter. This time, added features such as Netflix, as if saying, know "we you prefer Netflix, iTunes, but even so, it is on our box see it."

Is it only on Apple TV? AirPlay, is the Living Room Apple's Next Target?

Apple definitely want it Apple TV when we all bought and started renting of your store, but can be ignored, the big picture: AirPlay. The AirPlay technology allows users to stream content to compatible devices around the House.The simplest example would be streaming music from your iPod touch Apple TV with your TV as a set of speakers.This you're however also works with videos and Fotos.Sagen home.Sie get watching a movie on your iPhone on the bus ride home and turn stream your TV on your Apple TV to the movie and still view with minimal disruption.



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