Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cisco UMI brings HD Telepresence in the living room

Revealed, Cisco Systems today can Cisco UMI, offer its consumer-focused tele-presence, people connect with video conferencing on your HDTV in your living room. UMI's VoIP element is also strong, with the ability to place and receive video calls from friends and family from other programs with VoIP video call, especially Google video chat. In addition, UMI has certain user controls, its owners, to block unwanted callers and lock the UMI system so that others can use it in your absence. There is also a privacy lock, which clicks the camera and only audio enters the mode for the moments that fit, are not displayed. If 1080p is unavailable, UMI will drop down the bandwidth up to 720 p or even 480 p quality-customize.Cisco Umi brings HD telepresence to the living room

As analysts predicted the hardware costs only $599, with a monthly service fee of $24.99. Cisco provide UMI on November 14 at best buy with preorders available starting today. The hardware components will be available at Magnolia Home Theater. In addition, Cisco and Verizon UMI Verizon FiOS will bring early fiber network customers in 2011.The Zwischenzeit.Peripherie manufacturer Logitech its own HD video calling product has Revue with Google TV coming out today the company's announcement of Logitech.
""We believe that consumers want means the best and most seamless experience, HD video call not only for TV, TV, but also TV on PC or Mac (or vice versa),"Erik Kintz, Vice President and general manager of Logitech's video business, said in a statement."We also believe, consumers want to be, a free service and one that a broader entertainment experience is integrated, so Logitech is excited to offer to introduce an integrated HD video calls with Google TV.



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